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Our Values – Our Goals

Mission Statement

Kootenay United Cannabis Association

To unite, protect, and advocate for the cannabis industry within the Kootenay region of British Columbia by supporting the right to a fair and reasonable transition into the legal market, ensuring economic security and prosperity for our region and continued and growing market share for our region’s products.

Donate to KUCA

Donations go to support our lobbying efforts, and to supporting upcoming events. We are planning application workshops, a symposium, a cannabis cup, and many other events.

KUCA Constitution

  • To assist cannabis cultivators, processors, and retailers on the path to obtaining federal, provincial, and municipal licence approvals through education and advocacy;

  • To communicate the needs and concerns of cannabis cultivators, processors, and retailers of the Kootenays to the federal, provincial and municipal governments;

  • To promote the importance of Kootenay Region grown / processed cannabis to the BC, Canadian, and global economy;

  • To effectively and consistently educate local governments, business communities, and residents the importance of Kootenay cannabis to the local economy;

  • To advocate to the BC Solicitor General’s office, Kootenay Region RCMP, the Nelson City Police Board, and the Nelson City Police for an intelligent and reasonable approach to enforcing the law against illicit cannabis cultivators, processors, and retailers during this time of transition to a regulated legal cannabis market;

  • To assist Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments in creating inclusive and functional regulations that allows the greatest number of current grey market cannabis cultivators, processors, and retailers to transition into legal production and / or sales;

  • To promote the cannabis industry in the Kootenays as a world class cannabis agro-tourism destination;

  • To advocate for the ability of cannabis cultivators and processors to engage in farm gate sales;

  • To promote and support education of the public, and research into the cannabis plant, its compounds and uses, both medicinal and otherwise.

How to become a member of KUCA

Become a member and show support to successfully transition our homegrown cannabis industry into the future.