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This blog is a forum for discussion about cannabis and the Kootenays, and we accept member postings from all our cannabis industry, associated business, and community members.

In this blog, we will also be posting local cannabis information and news stories from the Kootenays, BC, Canada, and beyond, that are of interest to our members. We hope to connect with Kootenay growers, processors and retailers (current or prospective), and to support them in transitioning, or starting their cannabis enterprise.

Kootenay United Cannabis Association has cannabis industry, associated business, and community members. Our Association was created to support and help Kootenay growers, cultivators, and retailers transition into the legal market.

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  • Molly Ann

    Why can’t the mom & pop medical cannabis extractors be included. After all we worked hard for 35 years growing with no pesticides or hormones. Instead we get told to go home and take our excellent life saving oils and calming hash and buds that have helped thousands of people. Rick Simpson (a Canadian) who basically got kicked out of Canada for treating people with cancer and now he’s taken his product and name to the US. Boy this government just can’t stop screwing up.
    Has anyone ever read the Rick Simpson story. It’s online. And the fact that cannabis is in our DNA well isn’t that enough to just rock the apple cart???
    I could babble on for hours but I know thc oil cures cancer. I have seen it. More than once!!!

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