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Kootenay United Cannabis AssociationBy April, Canada will be 6 months into legalization, with much to reflect upon. For this occasion, KUCA, in cooperation with the RDCK, is seeking to bring together a diverse crowd of stakeholders, policy influencers, industry professionals and academic insight to work towards Identifying the current challenges in transitioning the Cannabis economy & explore how best to address the obstacles.

To create a picture of the grassroots experience, we are seeking a diverse range of perspective and insight at the community level. For those interested in pursuing a future within the industry yet finding the licensing process to be a significant hurdle, or unrealistic, this is an opportunity to have your voice heard. Through interactive dialogue and working groups, the day’s events will be focused on outcomes and ‘next steps’ to advancing the transition of the local cannabis industry.

Keen to hear our perspectives, government representatives from the provincial and federal levels have committed to participating in this event.

So please join us in this opportunity for local stakeholders to find their common ground, network and learn. With so much at stake for our communities, let’s work together to create a viable future for Cannabis in the Kootenays.

Register at – $25.00 per person (catered lunch included)

Cash purchases of tickets to this event can also be purchased at PNW in Nelson.

Please stay tuned for more event details in the coming weeks.


We need your help to fulfill our mission of helping transition the local cannabis industry into the new legal market.

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