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Over 250 individuals came together to collaborate and brainstorm on the barriers and solutions to overcoming the major obstacles in transitioning into the legal cannabis market. Hosted by the Kootenay United Cannabis Association at the Prestige Lakeside Inn in Nelson, BC on April 11.  

 In this ground breaking event cannabis industry sat with regional, provincial and federal regulators. Attendance was diverse and included cultivators, workers, retailers, grassroots activists, BC Hydro, and supporters. The level of engagement was high and the collaborative energy was potent. 

 myriad of perspectives and experience painted an informative and comprehensive picture of the Kootenays strengths and weaknesses, our opportunities and threats. Stories were shared of the trials and tribulations in meeting compliance requirements.  

 People were listening
 Voices were heard.  

 It became clear that the biggest hurdle is with the federal regulations. A rigorous regime and daunting to navigate. What was equally evident though, is that coming together as a collaborative and cooperative force will leverage all that we have to offer here in the Kootenays and potentially enable us to confidently and sustainably hold space in the in the changing cannabis marketplace 

 Over the next few weeks the data will be analyzed and a report developed, published on our website, and delivered to the appropriate government representatives and politicians.  

 We are the alternative. 
 We are Ground Zero.  

 This is about more than just cannabis. This is about maintaining small communities. Maintaining our rich culture. This is about empowering the people and bottom-up governanceAbout shedding archaic, fearful paradigms. This is about the feminine nature of this healing plant, and its reflection of the gender and cultural diversity rising within the industry and around the globe.  

 We are the leaders here. We have the keys. The power to demonstrate so much more than how to grow and bring premium herb to market. Let us move forward with that knowledge in mind and continue the collaborative dialogue that took place yesterday. We’ve planted the seeds, now we must nurture them into growth.  

 Thank you to all everyone who participated. We could not have accomplished what we did without you. One Love. 

KUCA Directors



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